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KPW has provided structural engineering services in and out of the San Francisco Bay Area for more than a decade, delivering excellence and innovation in the structural engineering field through various market sectors. We strive to provide valuable insight and guidance for the engineering, architectural, and construction industry while balancing cost, schedule, and sustainability. No matter what scale the project may be, our team approaches projects with the same award-winning services and attention to detail.



KPW specializes in the structural design of life-science and technology facilities, mission-critical buildings, hospitals, civic, public and private schools (K-12, community colleges, and universities,) multifamily and mixed-use residential, and other market sectors. We believe in open communication and innovation, building value into the design process. During design, we engage with the building owner and design consultants to discuss strategies to offer the best structural solution for the project-specific needs. This method involves looking at a project holistically and taking into consideration all disciplines, seismic performance objectives, budgets, and schedules. During construction, we are engaged with the contractors and strive to provide a quick process and response to RFI's, submittals, and other construction-related issues. We maintain our vision of doing what is best for the project and our clients appreciate this approach as it leads to more efficient designs and a streamlined construction schedule. The management team vests in this method and works with public agencies on a variety of successful projects.