Valero Refinery Services & Laboratory

Benicia, CA

This three-building project includes a new 24/7 mission critical laboratory, a three-story office building, and a two-story shop and office building. KPW designed the buildings to resist substantial blast pressures from the adjacent refinery using Federal Anti-Terrorism and Blast codes. The structural steel framed building design incorporates performance-based procedures to address the non-linear performance of the structural systems. Buckling Restrained Braced Frames and Special End Plate Moment Frames provide the lateral resisting systems. Rock anchors are for resisting overturning forces. The site includes over 60ft of differential slope, requiring precise layout of cut and fill and stepped buildings to balance soil excavations. The design also incorporates Soil Nail Walls and MSE walls.

Completion Date: 2015
Architect: Flad Architects